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What age of boys are you into?
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I would like to know if there any guys in the London area that are into boys and men?

Are you into pic swapping of boys and guys?

yum yum
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Any ever have a prostate massage? tell us about it...

Can't upload profile pic.
Views: 136 · Added: 764 days ago

Hey everyone. I'm kinda new. Can someone tell me how to upload a profile pic. It's not working for me. Is it firefox?

Shaiman L.
Views: 95 · Added: 764 days ago

So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.

Shaiman L.
Views: 109 · Added: 764 days ago

So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.

Shaiman L.
Views: 113 · Added: 764 days ago

So... I have a few vids of Shaiman... send stills of potential trades if interested.

How to add media play to ur profile
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I got a flash MP3 player here ,and I upped the mp3 files to this free web host whether u create a free profile then upload called you then paste the hotlink, not the share link URL, from each upped file there individually into the track list page of the file player pimp tour profile website. Then name them and then click to create the code copy and paste it into edit profile under the about you section, if you want it to play in the blogs and pages that you create. (try to make sure you know which code you jave added it you already have other code in there, maybe add to a different section of the profile)...set the pixel size in the player in the HTML code from 300 to 220 and away you go. You can reduce the volume there too.If you are confident you can edit the code and remove add and links too, but perhaps keep a copy in case you have to repaste it into the profile def bookmark the page in ur browser. Good luck RusT XXXX

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hey how are you all and i want to know why my other GBT account was deleted?

Read all bout the worlds dumbest spies an have a good laugh :P - any of u who dont live in New Zealnad shuld not be at all surpisd by this, it relly is par for the corse haha - (in NZ we r nevr surprisd at how dumb the aussies r HAHAHAHAHA)

"..HUNDREDS of former and some present Australian spies have posted information about their employment with intelligence agencies on the internet in what security experts have called 'a gift for foreign espionage'

A survey by Fairfax Media has discovered more than 200 former and present intelligence officers who have disclosed their classified employment in profiles on LinkedIn, other professional networking sites and social media including Facebook and Twitter..."

GAY MARIAGE IN UK: the opponents view
Views: 154 · Added: 765 days ago

Oh great! this is all we need: a lecture on gay mariage by a middle aged virgin wearing a dress, while he engages in a medievil ceremony complete with incense, chantin an suprnatural witchcraft -

"..A senior Roman Catholic will today use his Christmas sermon to liken plans for the legalisation of gay marriage to the way the Nazis and Communists tried to undermine religion.

The Bishop of Shrewsbury will launch a vociferous attack on the Coalition’s decision to fast track a vote on same-sex marriage in the New Year.

The Right Reverend Mark Davies will use his midnight Mass to say marriage can only be between a man and a woman..."

Christmas day at the mission
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I would like to relate to you the adventure I had yesterday serving food to the poor and the homless at the Victory Mission. I arrived at 10:00am. the kitchen area was already in full swing. they were cooking 50 turkeys in electrc roasters. Food had been pouring in since before dawn,people had been fixing dishes at home last night and this morning to serve. I began helping set up the tables and the chairs. OUtside it was 12 degrees. It has snowed and there was a strong wind which made it a wind chill of minus 7. There were already people lined up at the door. By 11:00 we had food ready to serve and the room set up. We opened the door and let them in. Between 11:00 am and 10:00pm we served over 1,200 meals. Poor people homeless people, families who were living in their car with their children. We made sure that each and every one of them had a full meal and a hot drink, the children had milk. and each one of them had a blanket when they left. I was bone tired but never felt so alive. I was sad and felt so badly for each of he people there, some of them were addicts you could tell, but some were good honest hard working people that had just fallen on hard times. I talked to one family and they said if they went to (****) shelter that they would be seperated from their children by family services so they are fighting to keep together as long as they can. I am sitting here today in my heated posh office waiting for my next patient needing me to examine his ass, and I wonder can I be doing more?

any guys younger than me wanna chat/cam?
Views: 204 · Added: 766 days ago

send me a pm ;) could be fun

Thanks to coreydude
Views: 288 · Added: 766 days ago

Thanks bud got myself a bieber doll.

Views: 129 · Added: 766 days ago

Just a note to all the GBT Members who i havent had time to meet and become friends.
I hope your year was good to you and if you did have some difficult times and some sad
moments this past year. I wish you a good year in 2013.
Christmas is a Special time of the year and im thinking of all the members i dont know at this time..God bless every one of you....8-)

Merry Christmas
Views: 116 · Added: 766 days ago


I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! I hope you enjoy your day!

Add me if you have Skype

Hey guys
Views: 201 · Added: 766 days ago

Hey everybody I haven't posted nothing in awhile.. Just keeping y'all updated. Having a bad week. Christmas was the only good day... I need new friends in my life

Views: 162 · Added: 766 days ago

What is your one favorite personal memory of 2012? Mine is getting engaged to my partner!!! Share yours with all of our LGBT friends!!

Xmas present
Views: 810 · Added: 766 days ago

Your number 1 for christmas present?

STOP Stealing our FUCKING Sign....
Views: 240 · Added: 767 days ago

FUCKING, Austria - Fucking residents in Upper Austria have voted on replacing the name of their village to Fugging.

To their dismay, however, they found out that another village in Lower Austria named Fugging has been existing for more than 100 years.

Like the village in Upper Austria, Fugging in Lower Austria had Fucking (pronounced fooking) as it original name.

The mayor of the second village said nobody remembers why its name was changed from Fucking to Fugging.

“We think one Fugging in Austria is enough,” the mayor said.

Fugging Mayor Andreas Dockner is not sure whether the decision to change the name from Fucking to Fugging had anything to do with what "fucking" means in English.

"We are certainly a lot closer to Vienna, which was the center of the Habsburg Empire at the time, and they probably would have been a lot more English visitors there that might have raised the matter," Dockner added.

The first known use of the verb "fucking" in the context of having sexual intercourse was in 1475. The word has also been found in a dictionary made in 1598. It even turned up in one of Shakespeare's plays, "Henry V."

The mayor of Fucking in Upper Austria said their village is peaceful. However, he said the name Fucking has caused trouble for locals.

Fucking Mayor Franz Meindl confirmed that the village's street signs are regularly stolen, even though they are welded on steel posts set in concrete in the ground.

Drivers heading to the village often see naked couples romping in front of the signs, and local entrepreneurs made the situation worse by flogging off Fucking postcards, Fucking Christmas cards, and recently, Fucking beer.

guess what i got my boyfriend for christmas
Views: 399 · Added: 767 days ago

Got it on amazon. 25 bucks. Lifesize justin bieber gay sex doll. Actually called just-in beaver but it looks JUST like JB. Can't wait to give it to him 2nite

Merry Christmas from the US Deep South
Views: 127 · Added: 767 days ago

I hope that each of you are with those you hold most dear whether it is family, friends, pets or all 3. May you find peace and comfort on this most special day. It's not the gifts under the tree that matters but what is in our hearts and I hope each of yours is filled with love and joy.

best videos and ones to see??
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what are the best videos on this site???

Christmas Reflection
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I find myself at this time of year, reflecting on the year's journey and thinking of the new years path. This year has marked a number of wonderful events in my life. Celebrating thirty years with my partner. Taking on new roles in my community to deal with issues facing LGBT youth and adults. But perhaps the most significant events in my life have come from being a member of this community on GBT.

I have made many friends. I have had the opportunity to be a part of people's lives as they made their own personal journeys.

I have seen love bloom, which makes me smile.

I have seen the hardship and angst of personal acceptance and growth. Which I hope I provided a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen.

I have witnessed unnecessary anger and hostility, for which I hope I managed to take the high road and not succumb to my baser instincts.

My life has been enriched by all of you that have touched me. You have made my life full with your friendship. And I am deeply grateful.

And finally, on a very personal note, I have gained a son. A sweet, caring, strong and articulate young man, who has touched my heart and soul. And has given a special meaning to my life. And I am ever grateful to him for letting me be a part of his life. Thank you.
I have been inspired by people's lives and their stories. They have made a me a better person in their sharing.

Frohe Weihnachten - Merry Christmas
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Allen ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest. Das Fest steht für Familie und Gemeinsamkeit und ich hoffe, alle erleben Gemeinschaft. Wenn nicht, so habe ich immer ein offenes Ohr.

Merry and blessed Christmas everyone. It is a time of family and togetherness and I hope you can expierience it, all of you. If not, drop me a line and I will gladly listen.


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Well...everywhere around the world it should be Christmas right about now. The most wonderful day of the year! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you are with loved ones right now cherishing the day..eating a lot...opening loads of presents...and being with the ones who truly make it the season. God Bless Us Everyone! Have a wonderful day guys and Merry Christmas to all...and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!! :D

What can we do about these shootings
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My dear friends I have listened to people online (not just here) piss and moan about gun control and such. It seems that this horific event has touched everyone deeply. We are all trying to figure out a way, any way to fix it. The simple truth is we can't. It has happened all we can do is learn from it and move on. there are a great many people (who in my opinion dont know what they are talking about) shouting gun control.I mean no disrepect to anyone's country but it is so easy to sit on the outside and critize. I said it before and I will say it again, laws will only have an effect on those who abide by laws. Evil people and criminals will get guns if they want them. China for example, no citizen may own any kind of firearm. Only the military may own guns. The criminal element must not have gotten the memo when I lived there for 2 years when i first became a Doctor murders and robberies by armed criminals were just as prevalant as in the USA or any other country! If you romove the sale of guns totally from the USA then you simply create a more profitable enterprise for the illeagle sale of firearms to the criminal element. Evil will always find the tools to commit its deeds. The things we need to stop doing is IGNORING THE WARNING SIGNS!!! This shooter was only 20 years old! It was already Illeagle for him to own firearms anyway. Neighbors interviewed said "he was a troubled young man" JESUS H CHRIST HE WAS A FUCKING TROUBLED YOUNG MAN!!!! This is what I mean when we notice that your neighbor is a "TROUBLED YOUNG MAN" LETS NOT TURN AWAY SAYING OH HE IS JUST A WIERDO!!!" Those days are past people, call someone and report him. if he turns out to be harmless fine. Remember that mother in Missouri recently who found a reciept for a gun in her son's pocket. She called the cops and they arrested him and he confessed to planning a mass shooting at the premier of the latest Twilight movie! My hat is off to her! She had suspicions and saved who knows how many lives! We need to take our heads our of our ass and be vigilant, look for suspicious people! Let authorities know dont think "its Business, ITS all of our business!!!" Lastly again for those who still think gun control is the answer, if this evil person was hell bent on his rampage do you not think he could have just as easily made pipe bombs? You can find instructions on the internet and buy ingredients at any hardware store WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PERMIT OR LICENSE! Ask any suicide bomber in Spain or London.

To all my friends
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I want to wish all my GBT friends a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.

Stees xxx

To all my Bros here :)
Views: 179 · Added: 768 days ago

This time of year to lots and lots of guys can be a lonely time . :( A time when some feel no one cares or gives a rip about them. If you can just reach out to one person . A call a note a text . a knock on the persons door. Please do that . Because we all matter . If you can please share with us how U reached out how you made a difference in another persons life. Have a kick Holiday guys :) love ya Rus

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Hey I'm Aj and I'm new here and I wanted to hear from you guys what would it be that you guys wanted to see in my next video that would turn you on? My first video was kind of ehhhh... but it was my frist video and if I can get some ideas from you guys then I'd know you would really enjoy it. So hit me up with an email or post on my wall and I will see what I can do about it :)

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A federal appeals court has put the brakes on a first-of-its-kind California law that bans therapy aimed at turning gay minors straight.

A three-judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency order putting the law on hold until the court can hear full arguments on the measure's constitutionality. The law was set to take effect January 1.

Licensed counsellors who practice so-called "reparative therapy" and two families who say their teenage sons have benefited from it sought the injunction after a lower court judge refused the request.

The law, which was passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Jerry Brown this autumn, stated that therapists and counsellors who use "sexual orientation change efforts" on clients under 18 would be engaging in unprofessional conduct and subject to discipline by state licensing boards.

The appeals court's order prevents the state from enforcing the law, SB1172, while a different three-judge panel considers if the measure violates the First Amendment rights of therapists and parents.

Liberty Counsel President Mathew Staver, whose Christian legal aide group is representing reparative therapy practitioners and recipients in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law, applauded the court's decision to grant his request to delay its implementation.

"This law is politically motivated to interfere with counsellors and clients. Liberty Counsel is thankful that the 9th Circuit blocked the law from going into effect," Staver said. "This law is an astounding overreach by the government into the realm of counselling and would have caused irreparable harm."

Backers of the ban say the state is obligated to outlaw reparative therapy because the practice puts young people at risk and has been rejected by every mainstream mental health association. After signing SB1172, the governor called the therapies it would outlaw "quackery" that "have no basis in science or medicine".

Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which helped fight for the law's passage, said the measure's supporters shouldn't read too much into the order, released on Friday (local time).

"It's disappointing because there shouldn't even be a temporary delay of this law, but this is completely irrelevant to the final outcome," Minter said.

The brief order did not explain the panel's thinking. The 9th Circuit has requested briefs on the case's broader constitutional issues but has not scheduled arguments.

"California was correct to outlaw this unsound and harmful practice, and the attorney general will vigorously defend this law," said Lynda Gledhill, press secretary to Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Ad Feedback

Earlier this month, two federal trial judges in California arrived at opposite conclusions on whether the law violates the Constitution.

On December 4, US District Judge Kimberly Mueller refused to block the law after concluding that the plaintiffs represented by Staver were unlikely to prove the ban on "conversion" therapy unfairly tramples on their civil rights and should therefore be overturned.

The opponents argued the law would make them liable for discipline if they merely recommended the therapy to patients or discuss it with them. Mueller said they didn't demonstrate that they were likely to win, so she wouldn't block the law.

Mueller's decision came half a day after US District Judge William Shubb handed down a somewhat competing ruling in a separate lawsuit filed by a psychiatrist, a licensed counsellor and a former patient who is studying to practice gay conversion therapy.

Shubb said he found the First Amendment issues presented by the ban to be compelling. He ordered the state to temporarily exempt the three people named in the case before him.

- AP

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Hi all just wanted to wish all my friends and the boys that provide us with all this great entertainment a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please all stay safe and have a ball over the festive season

Chad <3<3<3

Merry Christmas
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Just wanted to say that I hope you all have a great Xmas ans New Year!!!
And please enjoy to the max and stay safe I want to see you all back again after the holidays.
And special thanks to all at GBT who make all this possible for us <3<3
Love you all

Merry Christmas to all
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I just wanted to take a moment to wish all my dear friends on GBT a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I feel truly bless to know you and to have found such wonderful people.

Tolead my Dad: You are everything that I aspire to be warm caring and intelligent. You have a heart as big as the earth itself and you have always been there to encourage me and pick me up when I am feeling down. I couldn't love you more if you were my biological father

Mrpickles, Peter: When mean people attacked me you rushed to defend me, when I got hurt you were the first to offer help.I am so very proud that you made a big donation to the homeless, and will be working Christmas day serving hot meals to those in need. Peter you are my hero! You have checked on me and Dad has kept you updated, I consider you my Uncle

Steesbratt, Stephen: You have been there for me to pm with and talk to when I need to talk with someone my own age. You have offered me your shoulder and your strength like a big brother.

You are my family. I no longer am an orphan thrown out and discarded by an uncaring ass of a father. I have a loving Dad, Uncle and Brother.

Now I am no longer alone in the world. I have someone who cares for me in real life now. His name is Stephen and he is a wonderful person. We live together now and love each other, we dont have sex he loves me for me. (get your minds out of the gutter boys) I for the very first time in my life am looking forward to Christmas.

God Bless you all!

I love you

LOS ANGELES — Richard Adams, an early mover in the push for same-sex marriage both at the altar and in the courts, has died. Attorney Lavi Soloway says Adams died last Monday at his Hollywood home at age 65 after a brief illness.In 1975 Adams and Tony Sullivan received a marriage license from a county clerk in Boulder, Colo., along with five other same-sex couples.They then applied for permanent residency for Sullivan, an Australian.The men received an official letter from U.S. immigration that not only rejected their marriage and petition but used an anti-gay slur. Adams’ attempt to overturn that decision was the first federal lawsuit seeking gay marriage recognition, according to the Advocate magazine and the Los Angeles Times, the first media outlets to report his death.

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