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Quick Question
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Well to let everyone know that I am still in the closet but my question deals with that a bit. I been living a lie with my true friends and my family for so long now and never yet told anyone who really I am. My major problem is my best friend who is homophobic and is scared to lose him if I do come out. However can homophobic people be living a lie too. The reason is that I sometimes think my best friend is really gay too but just doesn't want to admit it. I think this may be the case because some of the things he does to me when we are along are things that I think a homophobic person never do. Most of the things he does to me is that he loves hugs and cuddles but besides that he also fondles my balls and rubs my nipples and is constantly rubbing me and touching me. I don't mind that he does that to me since I still single and that it feels good to. I also return the favour and do it back to him and doesn't say anything about it. I for one think that he might be gay but there are times that I have popped the question to him and admitting that I am gay but then he reacts that I am leaving and don't want to be friends anymore. I then tell him that I am joking and then he stays and everything goes back to normal.

The question I want to ask does do homophobic person touch other guys in gay ways like fondling there balls. I think he might be gay but who knows. I want to hear what you people think.

Wank before work
Views: 154 · Added: 753 days ago

I gotta crank out my 3 day load on here before I go to work today. Anyone else doing the same thing?

free Hand
Views: 113 · Added: 753 days ago

How to go that?

Views: 287 · Added: 754 days ago

Just a question. Is it rude or not allowed to try to chat with people in the live cam chat when I don't have a cam and they do? I go on there all the time and even connect but then I 'leave' because I don't know if it's right. Ideas? Comments? Thank you

First time
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I saw a blog once where a member was asking for us to tell about our first time doing anything. I cant find that blog anymore so I just thought I would start another one. I was 13 (almost 14) and on a swimteam at school. 5 feet 1 inch and 112 pounds and still no hair. Dick was a little over 4 inches and worked just fine...daily! Starting the swim team was me and seven other guys from the 7th to the 9th grade. As much as I enjoyed swimming I looked forward to it. But, I was a very shy guy. Being almost 14 with no hair and a little dick was embaressing to me and was not looking forward to the shower we would all take at the end of the practice. On that first day I was surprised that not only was I not the only hairless boy there but nobody seemed to have a problem when they got a boner in the shower. :) One boy, dave, would come over to me and just talk to me and one day he started soaping his boner and asked me if I liked what I saw and when he looked down at me smiled and said I guess you do. I got scared and left the shower and didnt talk to him for a couple of meets after that. Then he asked me if I would be allowed to stay over at his house after practice the upcoming saturday and I told him I would ask my mom. He just grinned at me and told me that he slept naked and he hoped I would be okay with that. I told him I seen him naked all the time sometimes with a problem. Mom said yes and it was on! I went home with Dave and his mom that saturday and met his older sister (cute) and ate supper and went to him room and played SoCom on his playstation and watched a movie. Going to bed he took off his clothes (everything) and said I told you and laughed. I stripped down to my briefs and tucked into the sleeping bag on his floor. We talked a bit more and he asked me if I ever jerked off and I said yes and he asked if I ever jerked off with anybody and I said no. He came down to the sleeping bag and crawled in with me and just took my hand and put it on his boner and said if I did him he would do me so I started to beat him off kinda slow and he just laid there and enjoyed it. I was awsum!! Someone else's dick was in my hand. I just watched my hand on it and then he just breathed out and I felt his dick swell up and watched him cum! WOW! He didnt have any hair either but his dick was bigger than mine. About 5 inches and bigger around. His cum was whiter than mine but pretty much just oozed clear like it did when I came. Pretty cool. He cleaned himself off and pushed me onto my back and took off my briefs. He started rubbing my chest and stomack, legs and put my balls in the palm of his hand and then moved his hand to my dick. That was it. Just a quick pffft and I was done. I said I was sorry but all he did was just grin and say watch this. Then he went down and put my dick in his mouth. Oh. MY. GOD!! I jerked dry and with soap and lotion and nothing was like this. He just sucked and moved his head up and down and I was just floating. I felt myself getting ready to cum again and told him but he just kept sucking until I did. My head got real sensative and I had to pull it out of his mouth but I was totally out of breath. He was smiling and asked me if I wanted to try it so, of course, down I went. It was great. He kinda just pumped himself in and out of my mouth and I was able to put my hand around his dick while I sucked him and jack him at the same time. He kinda moaned and I felt him swell up again and let him cum in my mouth. Wasn't bad at all. Tasted like mine. We did that to each other a couple more times and then he went to his bed and we went to sleep. We both woke up with boners (he called them pee-hards, lol) but we just got dressed and went about our day. My mom came over to pick me up Sunday night and I looked forward to our next sleep over. :) Hope this didnt bore any of you but this WAS my first time.

Another Saturday night (2)
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Ok. Dave untied me from the spread position and told me to sit on the edge of the bed and lean down and hold my heels with my arms inside my legs. I did and he put my arms against the leg and wrapped the rope around both my arm and leg. When he got done making sure they were tied good he just stood in front of me and tilted my head up and had me suck him again. He held the sides of my head and pumped in my mouth while I did the tongue thing until he stopped pumping and he squirted in my mouth. (I really love feeling his dick kinda pulse while he He finished squirting and just kinda rolled me back onto the bed. He put my pillows under my back and he used the rest of the clothes line to tie to one arm and leg threw the line under the bed and tied to the other leg after he spread them as far apart as he could i could look down and see my tied up dick and balls and if i leaned my head a little I could even see my hole. Dave asked me if I was okay and I told him I was. I really didnt feel uncomfortable at all. He took out some lotion and started rubbing it on my tight balls and down to my hole. Of course I was still hard and O could see it just throb while he played with my hole kinda pushing his thumb against until it slipped inside. Once it did that he pulled his thumb out and pushed his finger in me until he hit my prostrate. Every time he rubbed against it i would just moan a little and feel my dick just kinda vibrate. I was oozing and Dave just took his otheer hand and rubbed the stuff all over my dick head. It was awsum my whole body seemed to feel what was happening and Dave just sat there and smiled while I moaned and watched what he was doing to my dick and hole. I tried to pump but the way I was tied I really couldn't do anything but lay there totally exposed and helpless. He pulled his finger out and stopped rubbing my dick head and leaned down and put my dick in his mouth and started sucking me but just for a little while and then he just stopped. I was breathing like I just swam across the lake and asked to PLEASE not stop but he just smiled and squirted some more lotion on my butt hole. He started rubbing it in a bit and squirted some on his dick and started rubbing it all over it. I knew what he was going to do and was looking forward to it but remembered how it hurt the last time and told him that. He said to relax cause he had an idea. He got up in position and I watched his dick head against my hole and he started pushing. In the position I was in it seemed to not be as hard to get in cause all of a sudden I watched the head of his dick just pop in. OOOOWWWw! Again! He pulled right out and started rubbing the hole till the pain waas pretty much gone and lined up again and pushed. Right in with little to no pain (Just like last time. Whats up with that? Why doesn't it hurt after the first time a dick goes in? Anyone can He slowly kept pushing until his stomach stopped against my butt and was touching my balls. His dick was right against my prostrate and everytime he pulled out and back in I think his head would go across it. Everytime it did I would just moan and I was really hoping he would rub the ooze around my dick head again but he never touched it. :( It still seemed to vibrate every time he pumped in and out and I just watched it go in and out of me. I could see my ring either pull out a little or push in depending on his I could also see the skin on his dick moving while he pumped me. All of that was really hot and I was really getting into it when Dave started breathing loud and moaning (and I thought that was hot too) and then he just shoved his dick into me and I felt him swell in my butt and start squirting. Everytime he pulsed (what else can I call that what is it called?) his dick head would press real hard against my prostrate and all of a sudden I got the feeling and started squirting too! Nothing was touching my dick but I had no control with it, wasn't expecting it and loved every bit of it. Dave whispered that he can feel me coming around his dick and started pumping again while I came. OMG! Did NOT see that coming. He pulled his dick out of my butt and I could see my hole was still open and could see his come kinda oozing out of it. (Again, hot) he leaned down and licked my cum off of my balls and stomach and started sucking me again. He put his finger back in my hole and played with my prostrate while he sucked me. Didn't take long for me to come again. his time he just kept sucking and rubbing in my hole. My dick head was real sensative (anybody else have that?) and I would kind of jerk while he sucked and I clamped down (Like I had to pee really bad but had to hold it in.) I could feel my butt hold gripping his finger when I did that and I started squirted again and he kept sucking. He kept on doing that and I squirted 6 times (Yes I counted) in his mouth and by then was begging him to stop. Finally he stopped sucking me (Never thought I would say that)lol and pulled his finger out of my butt and started to until me. When he finished untying my arms and legs he laid me on my stomach and tied my hands behind my back and my feet together. I'm like OMG. He laid me on my back sideways on my bed so my head hung over the side and he knelt there and put his dick in my mouth again and I sucked him, again. He pumped my mouth and played with my nipples and rubbed my stomach and my STILL HARD DICK until I felt him swell up in my mouth and squirt again. After that he untied my dick and balls. The my arms and legs and then did something I never expected. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, real low...I love you. I got real embarrassed because I started tearing up and thought I would start to cry but Dave was cool, he just lay down next to me and hugged me and I hugged him back and we went to sleep like that, naked and hugging. Next morning we got up, peed, sucked each other again and started watching TV and talking about last night. He told me he had a couple more ideas but that would be when its nicer outside. CAN. NOT. WAIT!! Yep definitely a bottom and I guess a wimp. Hope you all liked part 2. HAve a good day and nite and everything else. :} Travis

Ageism in the Gay Community
Views: 289 · Added: 755 days ago

Watch this vid 'agism in the Gay Ccmmunity' on Canadamans wall. It makes you think.

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Views: 592 · Added: 755 days ago

i was walking behind a cute young guy the other day..his pants were hanging down they were so baggy u could see most of his briefs and they were halfway down his backside..showing off the split in his butt as he was was quite a turn on for me...
do any of you guys feel the same?

SEX Stories
Views: 749 · Added: 755 days ago

Hey everyone !im new on GBT but love it!! <3 i wanted to know some of your first times! pleade the more detailed the better !

Regarding Contest 1
Views: 179 · Added: 755 days ago

Hey guys well the first contest has been over lol so whoever I talked to about it has won and has gotten my sets of pics! Next week I will have another contest up and this time it will be for vids and/or pics ;-)

First Live Cam Chat
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Hey guys I will be doing my first ever live cam chat this friday night around 11pm Eastern time in my dorm in college! Message me if you want in! I will be broadcasting on skype but if you have a different one than message me and I can work something out! Account name is to be determined right now lol I will let you know friday night before the show! Message me if you got any questions! Luv ya guys! XOXO

long nails
Views: 211 · Added: 755 days ago

Hi I'am a 19 yo guy from Germany and I'am into guys with long nails an fat cocks

Views: 192 · Added: 755 days ago

My aged parents paid me a visit at the weekend...
on the Sunday morning my dad asked me if he could borrow a newspaper...
I said to this is the 21st century..i don't waste money buying
newspapers.. Here you can borrow my iPad...
I can tell you..that FLY never knew what hit it....
THAT'S LIFE..when you get i need to go and buy a new iPad...

it wood be great;;;;
Views: 121 · Added: 756 days ago

when you go to new vids section, move the curser over a vid, the vid previews for you. on peoples pages i doesn't. why is dat?

Profile Page Design
Views: 222 · Added: 756 days ago


I recently personalised my profile with a channel background design, which I created in Photoshop, and was considering producing more page designs for this twink community, if anyone's interested please comment below.


Views: 433 · Added: 756 days ago

i have had a number of requests from guys wanting to be friends...when i have checked out their profile's just profile at all and no avatar..who wants to be friends with anonymous guys...sorry but i reject them..any other guys had this situation...

hi friends
Views: 155 · Added: 756 days ago

i put some work on my profile and added a few favourite vids and pics. hope you like my choice.

Videos don´t run
Views: 208 · Added: 756 days ago

I everyone,

nearly 3 weeks the videos don´t run on my computer. This is the only side where it don´t function. Does anyone can help me?


Views: 175 · Added: 756 days ago

hi im in memphis for somebody to get in with or get into me lol hit me on here if your in town and maybe we ca go from there

My cousin talking about giving me a bj
Views: 3318 · Added: 756 days ago

Should I accept or decline

Not working
Views: 498 · Added: 757 days ago

Why are the videos not working ??????

GBT on large screen tablets
Views: 171 · Added: 757 days ago


I have a lot of browsing problems when I log in from my Android 10' tablet (Asus Transformer running under Android 4). Such devices are not mobile phones. Alas, the "mobile" version of the site takes soon the lead and leaves me with only limited abilities.

I would prefer to stay with the "standard" site on such a large screen device. I am sure there is a simple test the developer can implement in the script to solve this...

Thanks. Vlad

loooking for friends :)
Views: 231 · Added: 757 days ago

Hey guys im new ! im eighteen live in U.S looking to make some gay friends! im closeted so its kinda har. hope to hear from you guys soon ;)

Problem with Login.
Views: 261 · Added: 757 days ago


Do anyone know what the problem is, when I Login and click on some videos or my profile I automatically get logut/signout and must login again.

Why can that be, anyone who knows what the problem is?

Views: 418 · Added: 757 days ago

For me, there's nothing like the feeling of having guys shoot their creamy, sperm loads into my hot and tight ass. Hot damn! Especially one guy after another! There was a time not long ago when I had five guys and their massive sized dicks fuckin fill my ass. Damn, I felt like a Hostess Twinkie. All filled stuffed with creamy goodness! And cum seaped out of my ass for a few days afterwards. Fuck fuck fuck, that's hot to me.

Views: 175 · Added: 757 days ago reporting malware problems here, i can't upload any videos... why? thanx Nick for now solved problems, have a nice weekend :))) BSB

Does anyone have a ps3?
Views: 324 · Added: 757 days ago

I am a big time ps3 player!! I have COD:black ops, battlefield 3, assassin creed II, assassin creed brotherhood, resident evil games.. Plus some more.. Message me if you wanna be my friend on there with your ps3 username. :) I love meeting new friends. I have a mic so maybe we can chat.

Views: 481 · Added: 758 days ago

what are your tipping policys. based on food,server,other? in a group. anyone work for tips? some horror stories? my x was a server. i heard it all. join in, please.

Hello everyone Glad to be alive!
Views: 124 · Added: 758 days ago

Its a beautiful day today! I just got out of the hospital a few days ago. I had a problem where I was not getting enough oxygen and passed out. Kinda scary, woke up in the ambulance with my clothes cut off of me. Like they couldnt have taken them off, those were my favorite jeans! Anyway spent the next few days in the hospital everyone that walked in the door wanted to either put something in me or take something out of me. Blood gasses are the worst hurt like hell! Anyway now have to wear oxygen when I go outside. If I thought it was hard to get a hot boy for sex before....

Views: 204 · Added: 758 days ago

is it just me or is every1 having the same prob as me here? i notice l8ly the vids on here just stop and go constantly. its becoming no fun to watch them at all with all the "buffering"!! and i'm on 256kbps

Where to start?
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Hello everyone.

I'm 45 years old, and apart from some under-the-desk wanking with a schoolfriend many years ago, I am still a virgin with guys.
I'm bi I think, but gone off women over the past five years. Always liked young guys, watched a lot of gay porn!

I want to meet a nice young guy locally for fun and more, as I'm not into casual sex, never have been.
But how do I meet someone? I am on Gaydar, and my profile is honest that I have no experience, so I think that puts guys off maybe.

I am quite desperate for some action, keep myself fit, but feel it may never happen.
Any advice from anyone would be appreciated, or any guys in Devon/Cornwall/Cardiff, slim and smooth, please say hello.
Thanks a lot.

Views: 187 · Added: 758 days ago

Hi,i can`t look videos on Gayboys tube.All other sites work,Flash Player 11 work,only on this site ,the videos cant`load.Please if anybody got the same Probs,or know what goin wrong tell me.I am in Germany

20yrs old and shy
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hey I'm new to the gay community, both online and off. I'm really shy and still in the closet to my friends and family, but i want to branch out and meet new people. I've only been on here a couple days now but i can already tell that this is a site full of wonderful people, so if anyone has suggestions on how i can branch out they would be very much appreciated. and I'm not sure if this is important but I am in the green bay, wi area

Views: 164 · Added: 758 days ago

Saturday was just awsome for GB...SUPER SATURDAY..we won 6 golds in 1 day..absolutely fantastic...CONGRATS to all the athletes!!!

Please be patient, I have problems going on
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Just a heads-up to anyone dropping by my wall ... I've got some major family problems going on right now, it's taking up a lot of my time and sucking all my happiness away ... so if I don't get back to you guys right away when you message me or send me add friend requests, I'm sorry, I'm not being ignorant or uncaring or whatever ... I WILL get back to you sometime, but please be patient with me for now. Thank you, loves and hugs XOX


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