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Me and The Chav xx

I was given the job of looking after this woman’s dog, in truth I lived up the road, so it wasn’t a stretch of the imagination that id be the one she picked. Mainly because I’ve got one already and she knew me from the shop she used to work in, she worked behind the till of my local newspaper shop. So I thought well why not,. She offered me 20 quid for the week, but the sweetener for the deal was “my sons sometimes in, but he’s unreliable, so I’d rather have someone I know going in. He’s 18 and he’ll try to get off work and get his mates round they hang out, he’s a bit of chav, “
Fuck me I thought, there’s nowt better than a trackie lad, they’re so hot and horny, there’s loads of the fuckers round here, tight arses, hint of boxers, showing. Hands down their undies. I love em. So I said oh aye I’ll do it.
I’ve always loved the undies, its the fact you can feel if a lads just been in em, nice and warm, and i love wanking in em, over the years I’ve nicked loads so i thought well I can look after the dog, walks, and feeds and that, and maybe just maybe, get a pair of his undies while I’m at it.
So I went in the house. I was racing inside. Walked the dog. Then there on the wall was a huge picture of this lad, and he was cute, not what you’d call like a Hollywood hunk , just a lad off the estate but cheeky looking. Just my type. So I gets back in after the walk, and race up to his bedroom, its shut, I think fucking hell, I cant go in, if he’s in it ll look weird, what can i do, could say I couldn’t find the upstairs toilet and just wander in.
Fuck it, me cock was rock solid, im ganna do it, I thought.
So I went in, trackies all over the bedroom floor, ashtrays full of cig dumpers. Stunk of teenage lad. So there I was his single bed still warm, the picture of his and his crew hanging above the bed, all the lads all that jizz in em, fuck me I’d love to take everyone of their horny chav cocks in me mouth. I went into his draw and their they were all types of boxers, Mckenzies, Lonsdales, etc etc, Theyre was a pair of grey Pierre Cardins, tight briefs things, I choose them,
I wanted to go back home and wank off, but i thought fuck it Im ganna wank me load in his undies and lie on his bed sniffing his pair of warm undies, I was shouting “you fucking horny bastard, id love your fat cock stuck right in me mouth, id love to suck you dry, I want ya fucking cum.” Wanked off, came loads.
This went on for a while, wanking on his bed and that
Then one day I ran upto his room wanted a wank on his bed, and he was in, shit, so i walked the dog, and then, came back in. I thought oh ill make it look like im using the lav, so i did only this time he was lying not on his side, but on his back, i stared for ages, just looking at him, so hot. Then he wakes so im like “oh I was just going to say, the dogs not feeling too well,”
The worse lie ever, he looked and smiled “aye allllllllllllllright mate.” Grabbed a tab. He was so cute smiling as he talked about work and that, no top on, his body not muscle but nice defined. I licked me lips, and stared at his bulge, i could see his hand shuffling up and down, and i thought phew, i could just climb in that bed, the same one id wanked off loads on anyway.
He was like “av got loads of gay mates like, me ma said you were gay.”
I was like “aye, “ sheepishly. All the time staring at his tenting under the sheets, by this time you could see a little bit of movement.
“Im tenting under here, like. Ya not fancy helping is out like mate, “
I nodded, he pulled back the sheets, his cock was gorgeous 8 inches and a nice bit of fur going on he stroked it, and I was like handed him his undies to stick back on, so he did, saw them passing over his lovely tight little chav arse. I started sucking thru his tight boxers, licking his nuts, giving his hungry man pussy a bit of lick, and licking one side of his cock and then licking the other, but teasing him right up he loved it. Then I pulled out his cock and i sucked it all the way down, deep throating him.
I loved it, played with his nuts, sucked his cock, licked his balls wanked him off, the lot “thats fucking great mate, Im ganna blow me fucking jizz all over ya soon like.” So I went back to sucking i wanted his cum in me mouth, and he shot the lot in, emptied his balls right in me mouth moaning as he did it, it was the best horniest nosh id ever given. I watched his balls as they drew back, I loved it, so did he.
Me a man in his 40’s sucking on an 18 year old chav who could ask for more. .....

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How many hours a week do you spend on this site?

Gay Marriage
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There is a possibility that within the next two years or so Gay Marriage will become legal in the UK,civil partnerships between gays having been legal fo a number of years

I was wondering what the views are of members of GBT.I would be interested to know what the position is in other countries

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Refusal to React
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Just to be very clear. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their statements. What they say about their opinion...and those that I know and those that know me...I take your comments to heart. To those that don't know me, or have never made an attempt to know me...your opinion doesn't matter. So spread your stories where ever you want, because it has no impact on me. Just so I am clear. Just sayin'

Out of Sorts
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The last few weeks I have had a sense of estrangement or disconnect from the community here. I communicate with my friends and them with me, but it somehow has felt empty to my inside. And I do not blame my friends or the community. It is probably my own over sensitivity to tone and actions. Or just the early stages of old age.

I have shared more of my life here than I have with anyone else in the world. Including my class mates at I pursued by masters in psychology, which included an awful lot of sharing. I don’t regret having shared any of it. And if, in some way by sharing it helped someone see their own life better, I am a better person for having done it. But at the same time, I often feel that I don’t fit here. Maybe it is the age thing…hell for many of you I am as older than your parents and could be as old as your grandparents. And at the same time, you all make my feel young again. And your acceptance of me as a friend has been remarkable.

I realize I am rambling here, perhaps I am in a stream of conscious moment, but I don’t have another place to put today. I don’t have a place to share that I am comforted by the friendships here….and at the same time feeling dislocation. And maybe it is because, here, I always try to be the strong caring supportive listening person….and today…I needed someone to listen to me.

So, I am going to post this. It is a rambling and incoherent thing, but I needed to get it out of my mind and as the Gestalt would say….PUBLISH IT.
So thanks for reading…comments not expected, required or needed.


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I was out busking with my guitar on Sunday and made £56 or something like that. On Friday I went to a local ceilidh and was asked to stand in for the guitarist, he was ill and couldn't make it. Any, the guys in the band knew I could play but they thought I was just into rock and pop and couldn't play country, but I showed So thet gave me the courage to try my hand at buskin and I loved it. What an easy way to make some extra money. However, got the shit ripped out of me for wearing those leggings, GAY or what? Fuck em.

Hello everyone!
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Its Sunday and I've decided to try something new. My realtor and new friend has talked me into trying a hobby of his... Skydiving! Yes I know its kind of a waste jumping out of a perfectly good plane but I just cant say no to his baby blue eyes. Going for my first lesson today wish me luck. I remember a bumper sticker I saw once "prachutes are like friends, if they are not there when you need them chances are you wont be needing them again" I'll let you know.....

Videos you tag as your favorite on your profile
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What are the top 3 categories of videos you have favorited on your profile?

Mine are 1. Cum Eating 2. Facials 3. Piss

Hotel Pissing
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There was a video on here a while back that I can't find now, two twinks and an older guy in a hotel room. One twink was pissing everywhere and getting sucked. Never managed to see the whole video just the first 15 seconds as it would never buffer past that. Anyone have it or know where to find it?

im late
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i feel so late ill informed about everything i dont kno much of anything maybe its because im scared of trying or of so inexperienced

Want to delete video
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Does anyone know how to delete a video on this website not just on one's own favorite videos?

It has been done before. A lot of pics and videos were deleted--spaces left blank.


How can a video be deleted for good? In other words, once someone stops using this website, it doesn't stay linked here?

It has been done before--many pics and videos that once existed are no longer here.


Holy Crap! Its the end!
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You know guys, Missouri is a beautiful state but we also live in a violent state. Two days ago in a matter of minutes a storm with 60 mile an hour winds and I swear the lightning of Zeus himself blew through here. A tree next to my place took a firect hit and the bolt ground out in my well. Burnt out the pump motor. The wind took the roof off my wood working building, ( I am a woodcarver by trade) I thought my number was up. So if I am not around for a while dont think I ran away or died or forgot ya. I am just putting the pieces back together. This old buzzard aint going nowhere. Ya'll are stuck with me

tech help
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Somebody sent me a friend request but then I think he deleted his acct before I decided so now I can't accept or deny cuz I keeps getting an error page and his request keeps showing up. Weird huh?

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i feel like more and more underage stuff is poping up here. if you do run across underage stuff report it to a moderator like myself or other so we can get it out

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Well I did it, I’d sucked him dry, it was so hot, no romance just pure cock sucking he shot his wad and I got to enjoy his young solid fat cock, I was in truth a bit shy about what to do next, do I leave straight away, take numbers who knows. But my hot little charva boi didn’t give a shit about any of that, he stretched his arms out, and went “fucking lovely sucking there, like. Fucking get in. Right I’m ganna have to go out.”
“Yeah no bother I’ll have to leave meself, matey glad you enjoyed it, I loved it.”
“Bet you fucking did”, he said back as he got out of bed slipped a new pair of crisp undies on, this time ball hugging tight CKs, grey ones, showed off his sexy arse. But mind you so did he bending down and he put em on, giving me a cheeky wink, as he did it, I was in awe. And horny as fook. He stuck on his grey trackie bottoms , and put on a white Adidas t shirt, and his ever present cap, that I’d seen in so many of his pictures’ while I was tossing myself off on his bed. And I said goodbye and just left, it was well hot, but really strange too.
I left and the next week was quiet he was out working hard, at his dads factory. So I didn’t see him at all, he still left his bedroom door wide open , so id go in and wank off on his bed, I wanted a rematch and fucking soon, balls brimming needed to suck him off, and wank myself stupid as id done a thousand times since the last time. Then the last day, I thought, fuck this, I’m going to leave me number, Ill stick it under his Bob Marley ashtray,
I was never going to leave me boyfriend, but I wanted that nice little cake and I wanted to eat it, and it worked, the next week, I got a text.
“Ya Alreet, soz I didn’t text b4, but am horny as fook. U up for sorting is out.”
“I’m looking after a mates house him and his lass are away on holiday, you fancy popping over the morra night, and aye I cant stop thinking bout your cock it was so horny, im dying to gulp down on you again, ill suck you off as long as you want, id go a full two hours just noshing on you. “
“Fucking get in, I’d not go that long, id be shooting me spunk in ya gob, ye dirty git., lol.”
The couple had a massive house, and me phone buzzed bout 11 o clock, id just about given up on his visit, he d text earlier saying he’d be there bout 7ish , but couldn’t stay long. But oh no, he ended up outside the front door, with another lad, smaller than him blond hair quite cute, and they had loads of cans in a carrier bag, his cigarette shining in the dark. Fucking hell, he was steaming d***k.
“This is me mate, ya got me text, right ya got the net on, hes a hardcore gamer.”
He nodded to me, no hellos, i told him i had and showed him where my lap top was he cracked open a can and sat down on the settee, with a thud, and started playing.
“I’m upstairs, this fucking guy sucks cock like a fucking master, and im ganna give the old bastard a good time.” They both laughed. The lad didn’t seem to be bothered,
But me and your hot horny chav, we went upstairs, well in truth he staggered up there, I led him into me mates room, he lunged at me, and his soft wet tongue, pretty big stuck inside me mouth, proper great kissing, reeking of lager like. I and him were like fighting with our tongues it was amazing, I never knew he‘d kiss. I grabbed at his trackies, grey ones, and pulled on his cock through em. He unzipped me and played with me solid cock. We carried on deep kissing and led each other onto the bed. The curtains open and the light from the street lamps shone right into the room. As he pulled off, his trackers, his Mckenzie boxers craning to keep his hard 8 inch cock under its tent. I stripped off, he pulled off his boxers and released his beautiful young cock, I started giving it a good suck. He pulled me mouth off it. Give me a cheeky smile, “not yet, mate.” He lent down and started again with his kissing, I fucking loved it so hot and horny the best thing ever us two naked , necking session on the bed, all over each. And then he did something that really turned me on, took off his socks,,and stuck them into my mouth, I loved it he sucked me off....., it was great me cock which was solid anyway, was now getting sucked to perfection by the horny chav. And he was f***efull like. He then got on top of me.
“You fucking love that, don’t ya, i seen ya in summer staring at is, dirty fucker wanking yourself off on me bed. Fucking tossing your juice in me bed, nicking me fuck ing duds. Ya fucking love your chav lad don’t ya, creaming ya undies staring at is. Im ganna ram me fucking cock right inside ya, im ganna fuck you all over this bed now like. Ya dirty bastard.”
He took the socks out of me mouth raised me legs in the air, and stuck his hard cock right up me hole. No mercy, just gruntingly fucking me arse off really, the bad boi done good, he was talking dirty the whole time, about how i was a dirty bastard for wanking on his bed, how he was teaching me a lesson, and he just kept on jabbing me arse the whole time, then f***efully sticking his tongue in me gob. And the rhythm got more and more frantic, I gripped on, and we kissed passionate and deeply as his juice filled my gaping hungry hole. The funny thing is, is that after he shot his load, we lay together just kissing and holding each other unlike the first time, this was really sweet. Well in truth he was a sex maniac hahaha, but it was tender in a strange sort way, well the later part anyway.
I touched his bare arse, and he touched mine it was beautiful.........

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Add me on Skype? I need more friends.

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I grew up with a huge family and no modesty. I enjoy being naked, love a locker room, nude swimming, whatever. My bf is very modest. I like to hang around our apartment nude and he isnt. he is getting better. i would also luv to camp naked or get involved with outdoor camps or sports where nudity is allowed. i want to do a beach vacation, but cant convince my bf he would enjoy it.

"Huge Gym Cock"
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Does anybody have the movie "Huge Gym Cock"...? It was on GBT a long time ago, but I didn't think to save it when I saw it. I've been looking for it for a long time, but can't find it. If anybody has this movie, plese let me know. Thank you. JotoDude

Please forgive me, I was angry at the World.
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Sunday May 27, was the day my father died. A day that started like any other but went on and on and never seemed to want to end. It was the longest and yet the shortest day of my life. And as the terror of it passed to memory so the hate grew and took it's place. Hate of those who came to the house to speak of his death, hate of those who may have been partly responsible, hate of those who saw him last, hate of everything. And most frightening of all was my hatred of him for leaving me. When I went to see him as he lay at rest in his coffin the look on his face made me smile. It was a look I was very familiar with and looking back it was an expression I am glad was his last. It was the look he gave when he was pissed off. I think it was a very fitting last look. One that I am happy to remember, because it's brought closure in a strange way. It's as if he knows he's dead and it pisses him off.

There are some things that Thomas and others have said to me lately that have brought me out of the shadows. They have managed to get through to me where my family and friends never quite could. The internet is a great tool and can be used for a multitude of things. In my case it has been a good counseling tool. I sought to escape from reallity into this virtual world where actions have no consequence and where it can end at the press of a button. Like the holodeck on the Enterprise, "computer, end programme". But actions have consequences and there is no place for rudeness nor unfriendly behaviour. So I offer my appologies to all those people I have rejected as friends. It was a very selfish attitude and a very immature attitude. There is a definate advantage to having virtual friends. It was my friends here in GBT that drew me out from the dark. It never really dawned on me that there was something wrong with my attitude to people in the real world untill I realised I was doing wrong here in cyberspace. My ginger friend said I had become more aggresive and distant, others mentioned the same. But I was oblivious till now. It was the message on my wall from thomas that knocked some sense into me.

Writing this blog has has certainly been good and has cleared my head and I can feel a weight lifted from me. I could easliy ramble on and on but I feel now that I have said I've been mistaken about the virtues of virtual friendships I feel better. The next thing I need to do is to drink less. My alcohol consumption has gone over the top. I have consumed nearly all of my fathers whisky. My motherr does not know how much he had. But I'm only 18 and my liver can

So, in closing this meassge/blog, I will stop rejecting friendship requests and thank Thomas et al for saving me from my demons.

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Can someone tell me what the following words mean? I hear guys using them all the time and kinda get a bit confused -

Twink, Milkboy, Bear, queen

I remember going to the TIVOLI theater in St. Louis Missouri way back in the late 60s to see a John Holms porno in 3D. Yes thats what I said 3D. The acting was soooooo hilarious. That was the fun of old porno then. They were as much a comedy as a sex film. But when Old Johnny turned toward the audence with that big old dick of his pointing straight out I swear the first three rows ducked! And when he shot his load right at the camera everyone jumped it was great! Does anyone remember the name of the film?

hey all
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how is everyone???

Greys Anatomy
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These last couple of weeks, I have been in a vulnerable emotional state. I guess that is why things seem to be catching me off guard. I’m off my game a little bit. Yesterday night I watched Greys Anatomy for the second time. I watched the first episode when it first started, but none since then. Yes I know I'm about 7 years late but normally I don't watch those type of shows. Anyways there was a scene that choked me up when I saw it. It just grabbed me and idk what it was but I felt so overwhelmed by emotion and my eyes filled with tears. I had no control what so ever, which if you know me, is unusal. I can hide my feelings very well, so yes it surprised me that a tv show could do that to me. It was the scene where the doctor was sitting outside in the cold and another doctor comes and hands her a cloth to wipe her tears on and sits down. It just came out of no where and hit me. And bam, there went the fireworks. I just found it crazy that littles things like that set me off now. Danny

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IDEAS BOX ... how 2 improve GBT?
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I would have an IDEAS BOX so we can suggest ways to improve GBT, and then NIck can comment on the ideas like saying we will do this or thats not going to happen etc.

Page edits
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How do I get myself one of them fancy pages I notice loads of other guys have?

Thanks Dudes!
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Thx for responses on Size. Yes, mine is 5" hard and I am proud of it. Long live
sort ones!

In honor of GLADD Spirit Day: Go Purple on October 19 for #SpiritDay, I have changed by avatar for tomorrow to my hands holding a purple heart...for those today that are subjected to bullying, may it stop..and to those that succumbed to that bullying in their memory...may they not be forgotten Thomas

vids back ????
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4:50AM pacific time 10-19-2012 vid's are back no warning popping up, Whats was that all about???

attack warning
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5:10 am EDT 10-19 Getting the following message when loading a video: Reported Attack Page!

This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

got this warning when trying to open a vid 3:20 AM pacific standard time 10-19-2012

Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

My blog
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