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Views: 4621 · Added: 1232 days ago

Do other guys find them a help or a hindrance when having sex?

Is anyone from Connecticut?
Views: 4595 · Added: 210 days ago

Just lookin for a friend.

personal first experiance
Views: 4568 · Added: 1255 days ago

This is how i first had fun with a boy, thought i would share and wondered if anyone else went through the same type of progression?

He has been my best friend since the middle of primary school. We had always got on really well, and would often go round each other houses after school or have sleepovers. It was during one of these sleepovers probably during our final year of Primary, year 6 when we started to get naked in front of each other and look at each other’s willies. I do not know how this happened but we both seemed to enjoy it. As we progressed into secondary school we where both interested in seeing how puberty was changing us. We both seemed to hit it reasonably early. The thrill of seeing the first few pubic hairs etc. His being black and mine being a blondy-brown. As we started to see each others cocks grow, we would compare them against each other and see if over time there was any growth. It was at this time that we would start to dare each other to take of an item of clothing or touch the other bell end or lick our balls etc. Sometime dry humming to see ‘what if felt like to be a girl’ lol. This would happen till we ended up either wanking each other off or giving them head. We always took down the creamy load. This continued, at sleepovers and until we where about 13. However as we drew nearer to 14 we became more interested in other thing like girls and even though we stayed close did not do anything again until we decided to go skinny dipping in my grandparents pool when we where 15. After messing around in the pool, wrestling and throwing each other about we ened up getting out the pool and giving each other a great 69. It wasn’t to be until another couple of years that we would do anything again and take it to another level...

CP again!
Views: 4538 · Added: 1215 days ago

The user fabio1232008 has a album intitled "Hot teens" which has baltent Child Porn in it even as far as a sceen cap from a clear cp video, and the user scottishot thanked him for it.

this is not just a name and shame its a acutal question why have these people still got accounts here? they should be banned

reported the album by the way

Smooth Thighs
Views: 4508 · Added: 1253 days ago

boy in this pic has got silky smooth thighs

i bet he got a nice crotch

Anyone Got A Skype?
Views: 4495 · Added: 1253 days ago

Hey guys the names Darren and I'm new to this site. Just wonderin if theres anyone who has a skype on here thats close to my age (14-21). If ya do hit me up! :D (Mine is: tykrello663)

im a virgin
Views: 4444 · Added: 1254 days ago

wuts up ppl im a real virgin real talk... n i want to lose it anybody want to do the honors... i live n chicago. so if anybody is close enough let me know...

Views: 4429 · Added: 1251 days ago

Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t

It happened to me!
Views: 4423 · Added: 1255 days ago

I had a best friend that I had known for 3 years already. Nothing to indicate he was gay ever happened and a guy knows when someone like his best friend is gay. By the time we got to high school I was completely and totally in love with him and I don't mean that I just had the hots for him and wanted sex, but I really loved him like I had never loved another person. Problem was I was totally in the closet and didn't dare say anything for fear he would reject me and end our friendship I had never seen my friend naked except maybe during the summer when he would go shirtless because of the heat. Just seeing him like that I knew the rest of his body had to be spectacular and it would drive me crazy with desire and lust. But I never let on. Anyway when we got to high school we ended up in the same gym class which both excited me and at the same time terrified me. At the end of gym class everyone had to get naked and jump in the shower. You guys gotta know what I'm talking about. Yeah thats right, I was completely terrified at the thought of not being able to keep my dick from getting hard and everyone seeing me like that. But at the same time the thought of finally seeing him totally nude and standing next to him in the shower thrilled me to no end. When the time finally came I hesitated a bit but I knew I could not play it off for too long and not end up in the shower too. I'll tell you guys it took every little bit of restraint I had in my body to pull it off. I could feel it kinda start to get hard and I would stare at the ceiling while doing multiplications, any sort of thought i could shove in my brain to keep from just going totally hard in front of him. I managed for a whole year like that but at times when I felt no one was looking I allowed myself flashes of erotica in my mind and sure enough I'd get hard, my dick would react immediatly just like some beast that had been tied down and deprived of everything. It was all kind of scary but felt sooo good too. I'd like to know if that is something that only happenned to me or anyone else here had similar experiences like mine. I could go on with more of this story cause alot happenned in the years that followed but thats for another time. I did not want to make this so long because I don't know if they will post it due to it's length already. Thanks for listening my fellow gay brothers.

Chat ?
Views: 4404 · Added: 1206 days ago

Looking for like minded people to chat with. feel free to hit me up.

Views: 4347 · Added: 1248 days ago

i have a fetish for guys in tracksuits, it's orgasmic for me. i also love guys in white boxers and jeans. anybody got any unusual or weird fetishes

Can some do me a favor
Views: 4344 · Added: 1234 days ago

does someone have a paid account with one of thoughs big gay media site like TGP,

Deutschland, Hamburg und Umgebung
Views: 4343 · Added: 1250 days ago

Gibt es hier auch Leute aus Hamburg und Umgebung die eventuell mal Lust auf nen Treff oder auch mehr haben?

Help with mail
Views: 4327 · Added: 1250 days ago

Hello, everyday my inbox usually has several email notices that someone has posted new videos. The problem is that there is no sender identified in the emails. They are always blank. I can delete them no problem, but I'd like them to stop. They fill my inbox and I'm sure I'll miss an email if anyone ever writes me. I've checked, and I'm not subscribed to anyone. Anyone have any suggestions?

msn boi
Views: 4316 · Added: 1253 days ago

whos on msn, swop things?

into aits
Views: 4297 · Added: 1256 days ago

as u c Im into armpits, I need more pics more vidoes that related to licking ,shaving ...etc armpits. plz help me and give any site u know that is interested armpits ,,,, or any link>

hi lads, i am john. looking for dates with cute, slim/ athletic lad 18-23. if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me for a chat. hope to hear from you soon x

Deleting Videos
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I got a question about the emails I get concerning new videos. I get alot of emails telling me that a new video has been posted. So many that it is starting to fill up my mailbox. My question is if I delete the mail does that mean I won't be able to see the videos?

need lessons.
Views: 4262 · Added: 1252 days ago

young lad and looking for a few lessons how to sex. msn n cam I have. can swop things 2

Phone Sex...So HORNY!!!!
Views: 4257 · Added: 1251 days ago

Alri guys...anyone fancy sum hot steamy wanking over the in dublin and can ring you!!...get back to me via this or my page...QUICK!!!

slurpers smooth hotboys twinks
Views: 4247 · Added: 1468 days ago

here is my free site for twink videos and photo albums......... kisses from slurper:))

Views: 4244 · Added: 1254 days ago

It seems that when i try to send a message only a few words of it appear when i actually post it??

lets chat and cumm together
Views: 4231 · Added: 1254 days ago

wanna have some fun with me ( a black dude from 18years old)
lets playy on windows live messenger so we can cam together.
my windows live messenger =

meet ups
Views: 4222 · Added: 1252 days ago

hi, there are lots of people looking for dates, looking for love, friendship etc on this site. it would be good if someone took it upon themselves to arrange special meeting places for a night out or general meet e.g i stay in Glasgow, a meeting could take place at a certain location at a certain time, then groups of people could meet up for friendship, pass numbers etc. there are a lot of people who are shy, not know where to go to meet gay people etc. think this would be a good way of interaction.people from other areas could do the same. anyone got an opinion ? do you think this is a good idea and would work. be interested to hear your comments...... john

Views: 4219 · Added: 1254 days ago

if i remove ppl from my subscribe list do they also get removed from my freinds list??

Anybody from dallas texas so we can hook up
Views: 4218 · Added: 1252 days ago

I live in dallas near garland nd im looking for a sex buddy or a friend to masterbate with. Just message me or email me at my email:

Who's better partner
Views: 4203 · Added: 83 days ago

Who's better partner ? Old man or young boy

another hot day and I'm looking for some cock
Views: 4197 · Added: 1251 days ago

Hey it's hot outside again but so much for that I'd love to feel a hot cock in my mouth to suck this town is small but I know there's alt of cock around here had alot of problems with my 87 y/o mother for about a month she had alot of mini strokes so she's staying here with me I think she's not going to be around to long I need some cock to suck on and take some good hot loads to swallow and on my face not to mention my ass too.

Your First Time ....
Views: 4145 · Added: 832 days ago

What are your experiences of the first time you had Anal sex .... was is good, was it bad, whats the best way, is there a best way, any tips to give the younger guys here that are planning on anal for the first time, tips for Tops, tips for Bottoms .... Do you yourself have any questions regarding losing your virginity ..........Anything and everything you can share will help others enjoy their first time ... Many thanks Guys ..... T

Porn Actors
Views: 4012 · Added: 67 days ago

Who is your favorite porn actor of all time and what makes him special

I would have to say my favourite is
I love how the boys have clearly never done this before and their cute expressions when they touch each other turns me on.

Steelhammer your day of reckoning is here........
Views: 3777 · Added: 448 days ago

Everyone who has opened a blog I am sure has had the pleasure of Steelhammer commenting on your blog. In over 500 days he has not posted a blog of his own so there is no way we can comment on him. This blog is meant for everyone to say whatever you have wanted to say about Steelhammer. Beware his sharp tongue will also comment here. Now don't hold back lets here it.......

Views: 3636 · Added: 324 days ago

How many times do you wank a day?

Why Private Pics & Videos?
Views: 3463 · Added: 1304 days ago

The only gripe I have about this site is I see a pic or video that I would enjoy seeing or watching and lo and behold it's a "private" video or I can't see it. I make a "friend" request and for the most part the "friend" request is granted. But occasionally people either don't check their requests or don't respond I don't get to see a great pic or video. So----why ARE so many pics and videos "Private?" Anyone have an answer, just curious? DRIVES ME CRAZY, and I promise NONE of my pics or videos will ever be "Private!"

Anyone else's thoughts?????

earliest memorys
Views: 3419 · Added: 394 days ago

what were your earliest memorys of being attracted to guys?

My cousin talking about giving me a bj
Views: 3345 · Added: 866 days ago

Should I accept or decline


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